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May 14, 2010

Yamaha To Introduce New Piaggero Series Of Portable Keyboards

Yamaha NP-V80

Yamaha Keyboard Division introduces the Piaggero Series of portable keyboards, the NP-V60 and NP-V80. Combining the term piano and leggero, Italian for "light," these new 76-key portable keyboards emphasize portability, interactive features and piano Voice quality.

"With the evolution of portable keyboards over the years, manufacturers have been packing in more and more features, like 76 keys and hundreds of Styles and Voices," said Dane Madsen, marketing manager, Yamaha Electronic Keyboards. "With that, the products have gotten bigger and bigger…

Feb 5, 2010

Yamaha Releases DKC-850 Update For Early Model Disklavier Pianos

Yamaha DKC-850

Yamaha Keyboard Division introduced the DKC-850 enhancement to its award-winning line of Disklavier performance-reproducing pianos.

Until now, many older model Diskavier owners have struggled with a dilemma: forgo the latest technology or purchase an entirely new model, despite the fact that their top-quality Yamaha acoustic piano remains in top condition. The DKC-850 now offers the best of both worlds: owners can retain their treasured instruments and enjoy many of the more recent industry-leading features of the Disklavier E3 Series…

Jan 29, 2010

Yamaha YDP-V240 Arius Ensemble Features Great Piano Touch And Tone, Along With Hundreds Of Instrument Voices

Yamaha YDP-V240

Yamaha has debuted its new YDP-V240 Arius Ensemble Rosewood spinet digital piano. The model is the first in the Arius line to include hundreds of built-in instrument Voices and Styles of music genres and songs that expand the instrument's capabilities and bring virtually unlimited interactive musical enjoyment.

"Many digital piano customers are looking for more than just 88 weighted keys," said Dane Madsen, Digital Piano marketing manager, Yamaha Keyboard Division. "The YDP-V240 Arius Ensemble packs a lot of features into the already successful cabinet design of the Arius line of digital pianos. And the 'V' stands for versatile."

Dec 17, 2009

Yamaha Introduces Digital Music Notebook 3.0

Yamaha Digital Music Notebook

Digital Music Notebook is a service that allows you to easily learn your favorite songs and take lessons.

Compared to other more traditional digital sheetmusic services, the Digital Music Notebook player provides a lot of useful interactivity. You can transpose into different keys, slow down tempos and look at virtual instruments with lighted keyboards and guitar fret boards, just to name a few.

If you are a Yamaha Keyboard or Clavinova owner with a compatible model, it gets even better. You can transfer the digital sheetmusic using a feature called Keyboard Sync and use the interactive features of your instrument to help you learn songs faster…

Sep 4, 2009

PSR-S910 And PSR-S710 - Two New Arranger Workstation Keyboards From Yamaha

Yamaha PSR-S910

Yamaha debuts two new Arranger Workstation keyboards, the PSR-S910 and the PSR-S710.

Songwriters and arrangers will find that the PSR-S910 fulfills their needs for a great-sounding instrument with pro capabilities, but it's also perfect for so-called "one-man bands" because it puts the performer in charge of hundreds of different virtual bands that sound great due to ultra-realistic accompaniment styles. It's like having instant access to top session musicians at the touch of a key or the press of a button…

Jul 24, 2009

Yamaha Avantgrand Recreates Experience Of $125k 9-Foot Concert Piano - At One Fifth The Price, Half The Length

Yamaha Corporation of America is now shipping the AvantGrand, a remarkable hybrid piano that digitally simulates the sound, as well as the physical experience of playing a fine grand piano-at a fraction of the cost of a traditional concert grand.

The piano's state-of-the-art technology offers an exciting and affordable new option to music lovers who have dreamt of owning and playing the ultimate concert grand in their homes. The instrument is drawing raves from several classical pianists, and pop superstar Alicia Keys was one of the first artists to perform on the instrument after its recent music industry debut…

May 7, 2009

A 'Grand' New Concept In An Upright Piano: The Avantgrand N2

Yamaha Keyboard Division announces the introduction of the AvantGrand N2, the first upright piano ever crafted to feature the sound, touch and action of a grand piano. Priced at a fraction of the cost of a concert grand, and measuring less than 21" wide, the N2 features the exquisite sound of the acclaimed Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand piano.

The N2 is the highly anticipated follow up to the flagship AvantGrand N3 hybrid piano. While the N3 offers a stunning grand piano style cabinet, the N2 offers a sleek, stylized, upright cabinet with a glossy ebony finish…

Mar 13, 2009

Step Up To Premium Yamaha Piano Touch And Tone With The P155

Yamaha, the only digital manufacturer with over a century of manufacturing acoustic pianos, has upgraded its top-of-the-line slab piano, the P155. Geared toward the gigging musician who requires quality piano touch and tone, the P155 is also ideal for home use as a practice piano. Features include quality sound and a Graded Hammer Effect key action capable of building proper finger technique.

The keys are weighted—heavier in the lower registers and lighter in the upper notes—just like an acoustic piano. And, the P155 sounds like a real piano. The natural-sounding four-layer piano sample is a breakthrough at this price range…

Feb 27, 2009

Yamaha Unveils Clavinova CLP300 Series Digital Pianos

Yamaha Keyboard Division announced the launch of the Clavinova CLP300 Series of digital pianos—the most technologically advanced CLP Series ever. In addition, variations of the CLP320, CLP330, CLP340 and CLP370, with polished Ebony cabinets, are also now available.

Yamaha also introduces an entirely new concept in cabinet design, the slim and luxurious CLPS models (CLPS306/S308)…

Feb 20, 2009

Portable And Playable: New Yamaha PSR-E323 And PSR-E223

With the new PSR-E323 and PSR-E223, Yamaha's technical innovation, design quality and worldwide distribution have led to the addition of powerful specifications and features to its entry-level products. Though perfect for the beginner, in part because the models feature Yamaha Education Suite capabilities, these keyboards provide plenty of room for the novice player to grow.

The PSR-E323, which replaces model PSR-E313, comes with 61 full-size keys and a touch sensitive keyboard. It includes an easy-to-use one-button, two-track recorder and Flash ROM for transferring songs and new accompaniment Styles from the Internet…