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Feb 20, 2009

White Is The New Black: Stunning New R01 Joins Yamaha Modus Digital Piano Line

Yamaha Piano Division continues to enhance its remarkable MODUS line of digital pianos, with the stunning white MODUS R01 and the stylish H11 "Contemporary Grand" style digital piano.

"With the introduction of the R01, Yamaha's designers continue to astonish us," states Jim Levesque, MODUS marketing manager, Yamaha Keyboard Division. "With its highly modern feel, the R01's clean, simple design captures a serene, elegant aesthetic. The white finish also offers an interesting contrast to the vivid colors featured in the rest of the MODUS line."

Available in the second quarter of 2009, MODUS R01 will include a transparent music rest and matching white piano bench…

Feb 13, 2009

Evolution, Innovation: New Yamaha Acoustic Pianos Address Needs Of Today's Consumer

Focusing on the needs of today's piano customer, Yamaha Keyboard Division will display several additions to its exquisite line of acoustic pianos, including the new GC2, and updated GB1K and GC1 grands.

"Despite being the market leader, Yamaha continually assesses market trends and makes innovative changes to its product line to meet the needs of today's piano buyers," states Mark Anderson, Director of Marketing/Acoustic Piano marketing manager, Yamaha Keyboard Division. "This results in an outstanding, ever-evolving product line that creates unmatched value for our dealers and customers."

Feb 6, 2009

New Yamaha PSR-S550B Arranger Workstation Offers Professional Features At An High-Grade Price

The new Yamaha PSR-S550B Arranger Workstation is packed with professional features like USB MIDI and storage, 16-track sequencing, Ethnic instrument Voices and Drum Kits and full XG compatibility, making it a welcome and versatile addition to any serious musician's keyboard collection.

"With its white cone speakers and professional black finish, the PSR-S550B sounds as good as it looks," says Dane Madsen, Digital Piano marketing manager, Yamaha Keyboard Division. "We've revamped this unit with more robust features. The bottom line—this is a serious keyboard."

Jan 23, 2009

New Yamaha Disklavier E3 System Offers High Value, Low Price

Yamaha Corporation of America, Keyboard Division, revealed the new Disklavier E3 system. The E3—which stands for Easy Enjoyment with Yamaha Elegance—is a new series of Disklavier performance reproducing pianos offering streamlined features and powerful functionality at a highly attractive price point.

"A host of leading-edge capabilities, coupled with a competitive price point, are sure to make the E3 Series a very popular system in the line," says Jim Levesque, Disklavier marketing manager. "The E3 offers the ideal solution for budget-minded customers seeking the performance quality of the Disklavier."

Jan 23, 2009

Feeling Is Believing: Yamaha Reveals The Revolutionary Avantgrand Piano

Yamaha Keyboard Division announces launch of the AvantGrand Piano. With its highly advanced sound reproduction and sampling technology, the AvantGrand is the first piano ever crafted to truly capture the sound, touch, action and physical resonance of a concert-quality grand piano without the tuning, cost or footprint of a comparable stringed instrument.

"Instruments that can digitally approximate the sound of an acoustic piano are hardly a new concept," says Paul Calvin, Vice President/General Manager, Yamaha Keyboard Division. "But with the AvantGrand, exceptional sound is just the beginning…

Dec 19, 2008

Buy The Best: Consumers Digest Recommends 2 Yamaha Keyboards For Best Buy Awards

Consumers Digest, an independent publication that aims to help consumers make informed buying decisions, has conferred its Best Buy Awards to the portable, great-sounding NP-30 digital piano and to the full-featured YPG-535 digital piano.

Best Buys are products that offer outstanding value for their price and warrant special attention from consumers.

The new NP-30 Portable Grand Digital Piano represents an entirely new class of Yamaha Digital Piano. Designed to offer quality, value and unprecedented portability without sacrificing the playability of the key action, the NP-30 includes 76 Graded Soft Touch piano-style keys and AWM stereo-sampled piano voices…

Dec 12, 2008

The Color Of Music: Red Yamaha Modus Energizes Point Of Grace's Smash 'winter Wonderland' Tour

Platinum-selling Christian singing group Point of Grace is currently embarked on its smash, holiday-themed Winter Wonderland Tour, featuring special guest artist Ronnie Freeman accompanying the Dove Award-winning vocal group on a new, striking Velvet Rouge (red) Yamaha H01 MODUS Digital Piano.

The ensemble previously relied on a Yamaha Clavinova CVP Digital Piano for its Winter Wonderland Tours, as well as the highly successful 2005 "I Choose You" Tour with Yamaha artist and 2007 American Idol Songwriting Competition winner, Scott Krippayne.

"This year's tour has been great," says Point of Grace vocalist Shelly Breen…

Nov 21, 2008

TYROS3: Coming To A Yamaha Dealer Near You

Over 100 people attended a special Tyros3 keyboard demonstration and clinic featuring Mark Anderson, marketing manager, portable keyboards, Yamaha Corporation of America.

Hosted by Bouvier's Music in Ocala, the event took place at the Hilton Hotel and featured a buffet dinner as well as musical demonstrations.

Playing the Tyros3 Arranger Workstation is like controlling a virtuoso musician who happens to play hundreds of instruments.

"It's uncanny how human-like some of the voices sound," said Anderson…

Sep 26, 2008

Yamaha's TYROS3 Arranger Workstation Takes Keyboards To A New Realm Of Realism

Playing the Tyros3 Arranger Workstation keyboard is like controlling a virtuoso musician who happens to play hundreds of instruments.

Equipped with the most advanced instrument voices that Yamaha has ever created, Super Articulation 2, Tyros3 lets players simulate subtle sonic nuances and performance techniques associated with wind instruments, like legato, staccato and vibrato. Special Articulation Control buttons add pitch bend and glissando to note-on and note-off events. Other voices are culled from Yamaha's flagship Motif synthesizer and a new algorithm voices guitar parts like a real guitar player…

Apr 25, 2008

Songs Of Love, Crafted On A Yamaha PSR-S900

When Denise Rosier sits down to write a new song for the organization Songs of Love, which provides recordings of custom-written songs to children with chronic or terminal illness, she has just about every instrument and style of music at her fingertips.

Though her recordings sound lush and expressive, usually the only other instrumentalist on the tracks is her bass-playing husband, Keith. Every other instrument sound is created by the Yamaha PSR-S900 Arranger Workstation. Using the audio accompaniment feature, she lays down the basic tracks in her home studio, then overdubs individual instrument parts…