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Nov 20, 2006

Bootsy Collins Steps Into A New Sonic Dimension With Korg AX3000B

Bassist Bootsy Collins has cultivated his tone working with major players such as James Brown, Parliament Funkadelic (with whom Bootsy was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame), Deee-Lite, Talking Heads and Fatboy Slim.

Collins finds new inspiration with the Korg AX3000B Multi Effects Processor, saying, “It allows me to focus on the effects I use and approach them in a different way. You can mix the Octafuzz with the Echoes or Delays and really create your own sounds. I’m used to mixing effects and dialing them in together — the AX3000B lets me do that all on one unit. I had to modify my dance steps since I don’t need all those extra pedals anymore!”

Korg AX3000B

Korg AX3000B

Collins invited guests including Sugarfoot of The Ohio Players, Buckethead and Charlie Daniels to contribute to his upcoming Christmas Is Forever album. He adds, “I used the AX3000B on ‘Sleigh Ride’. You’ll hear a fresh vibe on that one, thanks to the AX3000B.” Also using other Korg tools, Collins remarks, “On the keyboard side on things, I have a Karma, a TRITON Extreme and the new RADIAS. The RADIAS is very musician-friendly and gives me the analog synth sounds I’ve been looking for.”

Hear six new AX3000B demos that Bootsy Collins wrote for Korg at, and visit for other news.

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