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Jan 15, 2009

Roland Announces New RM-700 Digital Piano

Roland is pleased to introduce the latest in its line of upright digital pianos, the RM-700 Digital Piano. Featuring Roland’s finest piano touch and sounds, innovative educational and entertainment features and a compact design, the RM-700 is a great centerpiece for any home.

The RM-700 boasts an Ivory Feel keyboard for an authentic grand-piano feel that is second to none, along with a pristine 88-note stereo sampled grand piano sound. Piano sounds can also be customized with the unique Piano Designer and Grand Piano Presence II features, allowing users to create the perfect tone and response. Players will also enjoy the onboard Rhythm Styles and Media Player for playing along to accompaniment tracks.

Roland RM-700

Roland RM-700

Not just a digital piano, the RM-700 is packed with helpful educational features including the brand-new “Playing Hint”, which helps pianists play more expressively. It also features Roland’s acclaimed Visual Lesson feature, which acts as an interactive, built-in music tutor.

The RM-700’s color touchscreen LCD makes it easy to navigate, while the external RGB video output allows for the integration of visual entertainment features such as ANIME, Piano Roll, and more.

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