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Jan 17, 2008

Roland Releases Arx Expansion Boards For Fantom-g

Roland ARX-01

Roland is proud to announce the new ARX-01 and ARX-02 expansion boards for the new Fantom-G series. Fantom-G is the first instrument equipped with Roland’s revolutionary ARX expansion-board slots. Each ARX board is a synth in itself, powered by Roland’s proprietary SuperNATURAL sound technology for organic, emotional expression.

The ARX-01 Drums Expansion Board is a music-production dream. Thanks to its SuperNATURAL voice engine, musicians have complete control of the elements of each drum, such as shell depth and muffling…

Jan 15, 2009

Roland Presents ARX-03 Brass For Fantom-g

Roland ARX-03

Roland Corporation is proud to announce the new ARX-03 SuperNATURAL™ Brass Expansion Board for the Fantom-G Series. This new Expansion Board joins the ARX-01 Drums and ARX-02 Electric Piano expansion boards. Each ARX board is a dedicated application with its own processor, graphics, and DSP, powered by Roland’s proprietary SuperNATURAL™ sound technology for organic, emotional expression.

The ARX-03 Brass Expansion Board puts a world of authentic and distinctive brass instruments at a producer’s fingertips, including trumpets, flugelhorns, trombones, and saxophones…

Jan 17, 2008

Roland Launches New Fantom-g Series Workstations

Roland Fantom-g

Roland is proud to announce the most powerful and luxurious live workstation in Roland history. The Fantom-G is a dream instrument that redefines boundaries, playability and creativity with its advanced sound engine, revolutionary ARX SuperNATURAL expansion bay, jumbo-sized color LCD, powerful new audio/MIDI recorder, first-class 88-note Ivory Feel weighted keys (Fantom-G8), 76-note keys (Fantom-G7), and 61-note keys (Fantom-G6).

The Fantom-G’s advanced sound engine is driven by a powerful new audio processor, providing musicians with new sonic depth and versatility…

Nov 17, 2008

Roland Presents Version 1.20 Update For Fantom-g

Roland Fantom-g

Roland is pleased to announce the release of the latest system update for the Fantom-G workstations. Version 1.20 adds new enhancements to the Fantom-G that include 1GB RAM support and new Auto-Track functionality…

Mar 24, 2009

Roland Introduces Free Bonus Content For Fantom-G

Roland Fantom-G

Roland Corporation is proud to announce availability of the FG Connects project on the Roland U.S. website. Made exclusively for the Fantom-G series workstations, this free download provides new content to inspire owners of the Fantom-G, including new rhythm patterns, new rhythm kits, chord memories, and new edits of the most popular arpeggio phrases…

Apr 28, 2010

FG Connects Live Update Available For Roland Fantom-G

Roland Fantom-G8

Roland Corporation has today announced that the new FG Connects Live project is available on the Roland website. As part of the Version 1.50 Update for the Fantom-G Series Workstations, this free download will emphasize the powerful live performance potential of the Fantom-G, adding new rhythm patterns, patches and live sets, and creating a new world of flexibility and versatility with new Motion Phrases…

Aug 14, 2008

Roland Launches New Promotion For Fantom-g

Roland -G7

Roland is pleased to announce a new limited-time promotion through the Roland U.S. website. Customers who purchase a Fantom-G6, -G7, or -G8 between August 1st and October 31st are eligible for a free starter kit directly from Roland. Consisting of a two-button optical scroll wheel mouse and 1GB USB Flash Memory Key, these accessories will help customers bring the most out of this new breed of workstation keyboard…

Jun 20, 2008

Roland Unveils Juno-stage Performance Synthesizer

Roland Fantom-G.

Roland® Corporation is pleased to announce the new JUNO-Stage synthesizer. As the latest addition to the benchmark JUNO Series, JUNO-Stage is uniquely created for live performance applications.

This professional-grade 76-key synthesizer ships with an essential high-quality sound set, including an 88-key stereo multisampled piano derived from the Fantom-G. Two slots for SRX expansion boards add even more options to a player’s sonic palette. A redesigned keyboard ensures the JUNO-Stage feels as good as it sounds…

Jun 20, 2008

Roland Reveals TDW-20 Expansion Board

Roland TDW-20

Roland® Corporation is pleased to announce the TDW-20 Expansion Board for the world-renowned V-Drums TD-20 Percussion Sound Module. This newest accessory enables drummers to extend the power of their V-Drums with wider dynamics, new sounds, new ambience effects, enhanced V-Editing, and improved functionality.

The TDW-20 Expansion Board can be user-installed easily, instantly adding hundreds of new drum and percussion instruments. The TDW-20 also features improved expressiveness and dynamics, additional ambience effects to create customizable drum sounds, advanced COSM® editing features and a new and improved operating system…

Jun 21, 2008

Roland Releases System Upgrade For Fantom G-series

Roland is pleased to announce the release of v1.10 system upgrade for the Fantom-G series workstations, adding powerful multi-sampling capability, a new “Favorite Play” screen, a BPM calculator function for samples, and new enhancements to Single, Live and Song modes…

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