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Apr 6, 2011

Roland Announces C-200 Classic Organ

Roland C-200

Roland is proud to announce the C-200 Classic Organ, a new addition to the Roland Classic instrument family. Designed for trained classical musicians, students, and anyone who loves keyboards from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, the Roland Classic series is inspired by the instruments used to create the masterworks of classical music by history’s finest composers.

The successor to the popular C-190, the C-200 is for traditional organists who want great sounds and features in a portable instrument. It’s equipped with authentic classical organ sounds and orchestral voices, plus Harpsichord, Fortepiano, Piano, and Celesta sounds for accompaniment in Baroque ensembles…

Sep 1, 2010

Roland Announces C-380 Organ

Roland C-380

Roland is proud to introduce the new C-380 Classic Organ, featuring an authentic, reverberant organ sound and outstanding playability. With two 61-note manual keyboards with tracker action, and a 30-note concave pedalboard, the C-380 gives organists the experience of playing a real pipe organ, while still being compact, lightweight, and space-saving.

Equipped with high quality sounds from the Rodgers and Roland digital organ repertoire, each speaking stop of the C-380 controls three alternative voices (Voice Palettes). A wide range of taste and styles are covered, from the Baroque era to the large romantic organs of the 19th and 20th Centuries…

Apr 6, 2011

Roland Launches C-330-DA Classic Organ

Roland C-330-DA

Roland is pleased to announce the C-330-DA Classic Organ, a version of the acclaimed C-330 in a handsome dark oak finish. Along with the original light oak C-330, the C-330-DA offers players a compact yet feature-rich instrument with dual manuals, an integrated pedalboard, and authentic pipe organ sound, touch, and spatial ambience.

The C-330 and C-330-DA are dream instruments for hobbyists, students, and serious performers, providing cathedral-size sound without requiring a cathedral-size space. With an incredibly compact design that’s 50 inches wide and 36 inches deep including the pedalboard, these organs will fit easily into nearly any space…

Jan 15, 2009

Roland Unveils New Music Atelier® Digital Organs

Roland AT-500

Roland is pleased to announce the latest additions to the MUSIC ATELIER line — the AT-500, AT-300, AT-100, and AT-75 digital organs. These MUSIC ATELIER organs inherit the rich sound and elegant design of a classic organ, combined with the most expressive and advanced home-organ features.

AT-500: Superior Quality and Features for Ultimate Expression

Housed in a gorgeous, dark walnut cabinet, the AT-500 exudes quality and class. Its harmonic bars make a wide variety of superior organ sounds easily accessible, while the full-range speaker system provides a warm, rich sound that fills any room…

Jan 17, 2008

Roland Presents Music Atelier AT-900/AT-900C/AT-800 Organs

Roland AT-900

Roland is proud to announce the new AT- 900/AT-900C/AT-800 organs. Embodying Roland’s world-leading technology, MUSIC ATELIER organs inherit the full, rich sounds and elegant design of a traditional organ combined with the most expressive and advanced digital-organ features.

With a new “Articulation Voice” sound set, driven by Roland’s new proprietary SuperNATURAL technology, the AT-series breathes unprecedented sound into the Violin, Trombone, Cello, and Tenor Sax voices, while new physical Harmonic Bars provide authentic, hands-on control of expressive organ playing with new organ tone sets…

Mar 18, 2010

Roland Announces Availability Of V-Combo VR-700 Stage Keyboard

Roland V-Combo VR-700

Roland is proud to announce that the V-Combo VR-700 Stage Keyboard is now shipping. Featuring the best of Roland’s acclaimed Virtual Tone Wheel organ, full 88-key multi-sampled piano, and pro synthesizer sounds, the V-Combo is perfect for players who need an all-in-one keyboard for a variety of musical settings, including houses of worship, stage performances, and rehearsal studios.

The V-Combo provides an authentic sound and feel to satisfy any organ player. Using Roland’s Virtual Tonewheel engine, the V-Combo simulates the unique structure and distinctive sound of vintage organs…

Jan 19, 2012

Roland Releases The AT-900 “Platinum Edition” Organ

Roland AT-900

Roland, the premier manufacturer of quality organs for home, church, and stage, is pleased to announce the most recent addition to their MUSIC ATELIER® family. The AT-900 “Platinum Edition” boasts a newly-designed cabinet, expanded voice palette and features including SuperNATURAL sounds, improved user interface, and Roland’s latest arranger technology – positioning the organ as the new pinnacle of the MUSIC ATELIER product line.

The AT-900 “Platinum Edition” (AT-900P) is housed in a beautiful hand-crafted cabinet with a rich, lustrous walnut finish…

Jan 17, 2008

Roland Presents Collection/Score Series For At Organs

Roland is proud to announce the Roland Collection Series/Score series. These new tools offer organ aficionados a quick and intuitive path to musical discovery and proficiency. Each DVD in the Roland Collection Series/Score Series is an anthology of musical pieces with visual aids that capture the performance styles of top players and arrangers.

The new series helps players master fingering techniques, facilitate casual playing, practice changing registration while playing or improve pedaling by simply observing the supplied video footage. Roland also included registration data on the bundled floppy disk as an aid for practice…

Sep 16, 2012

Most Affordable Performance Reproducing Grand Piano: The Yamaha Disklavier DGB1KE3 Classic Now Shipping

Yamaha DGB1KE3 Classic

Yamaha today announced that the most affordable addition to the company's popular line of Disklavier performance reproducing pianos, the DGB1KE3 Classic, is now shipping. This instrument is available exclusively in the North American market.

Making this entry-level model even more affordable, the new instrument, which expands options for potential Disklavier owners, features the newly developed "Damper Drive System" designed specifically for the DGB1KE3 Classic. This gives the instrument the same range of damper effects as a standard Disklavier by detecting and recording its damper motion continuously and directly lifting the dampers…