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Nov 13, 2006

Korg Debuts Flagship C-720 Digital Concert Piano

Korg C-720

Korg presents the C-720, the latest addition to its new line of Digital Concert Pianos. It provides a rich piano sound, an authentic feeling 88-note graded hammer action keyboard and a host of new features, along with a sophisticated, modern cabinet highlighted by a real wood finish, for the ultimate piano experience.

Korg’s proprietary Piano eXperience™ technology provides a heightened level of realism and feel. It employs the latest stereo-sampling techniques to convey the natural imaging and nuances of a concert grand piano…

Oct 23, 2006

Korg Introduces K61P Usb-midi Studio Controller

Korg K61P

Korg announces the newest member of its K-series USB-MIDI Studio Controller keyboards, the K61P. It combines powerful controller functions with 24 onboard keyboard sounds, bridging computer music and stand-alone performance needs.

The sophisticated onboard sound engine includes a high-quality stereo piano that has been carefully sampled to capture all the richness and detail of a grand piano’s character. Five additional acoustic pianos are also included, as well as five electric pianos, two harpsichords, three jazz organs, three church organs, clavinet, vibraphone, choir and two string sounds…

Aug 8, 2006

Korg Introduces Os V1.2 Operating System For Oasys

Korg V1

Korg has announced Operating System Version 1.2 for the OASYS Open Architecture Synthesis Studio. In addition to new features and enhancements, it also offers a demo version of the LAC-1 Legacy Analog Collection containing the latest OASYS Expansion Instruments (EXi).

New OASYS v1.2 features include:

An easy-to-use chord feature that allows the user to store a chord then transpose it by playing single notes on the keyboard. The chord mode has been integrated with the Drum/Chord Pads, allowing eight such chords to be stored.

Polyphonic Unison and Unison Stereo Spread — Unison can now be enabled in Poly mode as well as in Mono…

May 4, 2006

Switchfoot's Jerome Fontamillas Chooses Korg

Korg TR

Alt-rock favorites Switchfoot have toured practically nonstop for over 10 years, playing to an ever-growing fan base. Most recently, they’ve been out supporting their gold album Nothing Is Sound, the follow-up to 2003’s major success, The Beautiful Letdown.

Jerome Fontamillas, keyboardist and self-styled ‘tweaker’ for Switchfoot, showcases a few pieces of essential road gear on tour: the new Korg TR Music Workstation, along with his KP2 KAOSS Pad and microKORG. Fontamillas comments, “There are a couple of things Korg does that no other keyboard companies do…

Feb 3, 2006

Korg Completes Jae Deal's Sonic Equation

Korg microKONTROL

Jae Deal has produced and performed with some of today’s hottest pop, R&B and hip-hop artists, including Mario, Snoop Dogg, Dru Hill, Faith Evans and Marques Houston, along with legends such as Elton John and Andraé Crouch. A skillful bass guitar and keyboard player, Deal easily transitioned from recording with major gospel artists like Vicki Winans and Tonéx to Top 40 stars Christina Aguilera and Omarion as well as appearing on the P. Diddy World Tour.

Deal’s creative process covers a wide range of styles, and Korg gear keeps up with all his paces…

Jan 19, 2006

Korg's SP-250 Delivers Realistic Piano Sound And Feel In A Portable Package

Korg SP-250

Korg brings a heightened level of realism and feel to its line of portable digital pianos with the new SP-250. It provides an expanded range of expression and performance with an outstanding new stereo piano sound, which is matched to the company’s newest RH3 keyboard action.

The SP-250 features all-new piano PCM with velocity switched stereo samples that are longer than other pianos in its class. Increased length means the piano sound sustains more naturally, so the piano sounds more real throughout the performance, not just at the attack…

Jan 19, 2006

Korgs New C-520 And C-320 Digital Concert Pianos Combine Advances In Sound, Touch And Design.

Korg C-520

Korg presents the C-520 and C-320 Concert Digital Pianos. Both provide rich piano sound, an authentic feeling 88-note hammer action keyboard and a host of new features, along with a stylish, modern cabinet design and color options to match any décor.

Offering a heightened level of realism and feel, the C-520 and C-320 feature Korg’s proprietary Piano eXperience™ technology, which employs the latest stereo-sampling techniques to convey the natural imaging and nuances of a concert grand piano. Korg’s new piano PCM fully captures the complete dynamic range of the original instrument…

Jan 19, 2006

Korg Unveils Cutting-edge Radias Synthesizer

Korg Radias

Korg introduces the RADIAS synthesizer, a new instrument that combines traditional and forward-thinking concepts in both synthesis and physical design. Based on Korg’s proprietary MMT™ (Multi Modeling Technology) engine, this 24-voice synthesizer offers a variety of synthesis algorithms together with multiple effects, new comb filter and wave shaping features, modulation sequencing, as well as new formant-motion vocoding. RADIAS offers an innovative design that can be custom configured to suit your set-up. The sound module can be used independently or teamed with the unique dedicated keyboard, creating a seamlessly integrated instrument…

Jan 19, 2006

Korg Debuts Microx Synthesizer

Korg Microx

Korg introduces the compact, lightweight microX music synthesizer. Its 25 full-sized, velocity-sensitive keys, multi-genre sounds, real-time control elements and USB connectivity are ideal for computer-based studios and live performance.

The microX is packed with over 1,100 sounds generated by the acclaimed HI synthesis system featured on the Korg TRITON series. It is based on a new 64 MB PCM ROM which includes Korg classics and ample new waveforms created specifically for the microX. The result is a soundset with a focus on cutting edge synth and dance sounds, as well as unique ethnic timbres and essential “bread and butter” offerings…

Jan 19, 2006

Korg Launches X50 Synthesizer

Korg X50

Korg presents the lightweight, 61-key X50 synthesizer. It delivers high-quality sounds, a user friendly interface and computer connectivity, all in a streamlined package designed for performing and computer-based musicians.

The X50 features Korg’s HI (Hyper Integrated) synthesis technology as found in the acclaimed TRITON series. Its 64 MB of PCM ROM offers a wide array of sounds, including a velocity-switched stereo piano, strings, guitar and synth timbres. The internal memory offers 512 Programs, 384 Combinations (each consisting of up to eight Programs) and 40 user (16 preloaded) drum kits — plus an additional 128 GM programs and nine drum kits…